By Jessica Wicken

2 CD’s

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A Journey of Love 

In 1996, after a lifetime of being steadily involved in music and of singing everything from folk and cabaret to opera, I moved to Denver and returned to another love, painting. Painting has taken all my attention until the music muse reclaimed me 3 years ago. I’ve included songs that have been meaningful to me.  Two of the songs (And it Rains and On and On) are written by friends of mine with whom I shared many happy musical moments, and two I wrote, one a very long time ago, and it still expresses the same  seeking that has been a constant in my life.  St. Louis Blues was one my mother, a lyric soprano, used to sing when I was very young, about the been-down, done-that  worldly disappointments, and was one of the earliest blues written.  The other songs are ones I enjoy and that fit the theme of a love journey.

JOL CD cover.indd

1. And It Rains   by Scott MacKenzie – 1975 

2. Song for a Baby   by  Jessica Wicken – 2012

3. Sunrises  by Jessica Wicken – 1972

   4. St Louis Blues  by W. C. Handy – 1890’s

5. There Were Bells on the Hill  by Meredith Wilson, The Music Man – 1957

6. Blue Skies   by Irving Berlin – 1926

7. When I Look in Your Eyes  by Leslie Bricusse, Dr. Doolittle – 1967

8. On and On  by Judy Pearlman Wall and Ken Perlman – 1974

9. All the Things You Are by Jerome Kern and Oscar Hammerstein – 1939


Jessica Wicken – Vocals, Guitar

Darren Skanson – Guitar, Bass, Organ, Percussion

Harry Grainger – Clarinet and Flute

Cover artwork – A Green Wave by Jessica Wicken

Cover design – Lynette McClain


Notas de Amor   

My Spanish Love Affair

These Spanish songs have stayed with me for many years because of the poetic expression of tender and deep feelings seldom expressed in English. It was a great pleasure singing the melodies and improvising the harmony parts. I studied Spanish in school growing up, but my interest really took root when I first went to Mexico with my friend, and singing buddy, Sandra when we were fifteen. We took the bus and our guitars, from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania to Saltillo, Mexico, where we stayed with a family while studying Spanish. By the time I went to San Miguel de Allende, Mexico at 19, with a group of University of Utah art students, I was very comfortable speaking Spanish, and loved singing it.

Aunque soy de Los Estados Unidos y no soy Latina, me gustan mucho las canciones viejas de Latino America y España, y cuando me canto, mi idioma preferido es español. Estas canciones son especiales para mi y se han quedado en mi corazón por muchos años por las expresiónes  poetica tiernas y profundos sentimientos que rara vez son espresado en Ingles. Fue un gran placer cantar las melodias y tambien improvisar las harmonias.

When I was looking for a place to record, I was extremely fortunate to meet Darren Skanson, owner of CCM Recording Studio in Denver. Darren is not only a fine engineer; he is a brilliant guitarist who provides the inspired guitar to my simpler guitar accompaniment. His intuitive understanding of songs was like a gift from heaven. My husband, Pat Krohn, plays bongos on two songs and sings on one.

Fui muy afortunada al conocer el señor Darren Skanson, propietario de estudio de grabación (CCM). No solamente es un fino enginero, pero tambien es un guitarista brillante. Su entendimiento intuitivo de estas canciones fue como un regalo del Cielo.  Mi esposo, Pat Krohn, toca los bongos  en dos canciones y tambien canta conmigo en uno canción. 

Notes De Amor

1.  La Llorona   Listen

The Mexican song is about 300 years. The verses are poetic and mysterious. In my interpretation, the storyteller sees a crying woman (a Llorona) leaving a temple. She is obviously sad, but he sees someone who is lovable in her beautiful huipil (embroidered dress) and who has a spiritual quality like the Virgin Mary. He says, “Even if life leaves me, I will never stop loving you. Oh, my sorrow of yesterday and today. Oh, my sorrow that comes from a blue heaven.” He says that although he may be only a shadow of his former wonderful young self, he still believes he has value and something special like the green chili pepper; hot but delicious.” (Pat Krohn, percussion)

Esta canción es de Mexico es muy vieja, cerca de 300 años. Los versos son poéticos y mysteriosos. En mi interpretación, el cantante ve a una mujer triste, pero lo que el ve es una belleza adorable y espiritual como La Virgen. Dice que fue maravilloso cuando fue joven, pero ahora es solamente una sombra. Aún así, él sabe que tiene un valor y algo especial que ofrecer como el chile verde. (Pat Krohn, bongos) 

2.  Ay Zandunga  Listen

I learned this traditional Mexican song written in about 1853 when I was in Mexico at 19 years of age. These verses resonate with me even more now as an older person looking back at the different phases of my life. The lyrics say to be grateful for all the memories of passion, love, and even loss. The chorus ends with; “Be grateful oh jewel of my heart, mother of my heart,” or “token of my heart.”

Esta canción se dice que está escrito en 1853. Lo aprendí cuando tenía 19 años en Mexico. Ahora los versos resonan conmigo aun mas hoy que soy una persona mayor. Cuando miro hacia atras a las fases de la vida.las palabras de la canción describen el agradecimiento por todas; las memorias de passion, amor y aun pérdida de la vida. 

3. Eres Alta y Delgada  Listen

This is a Spanish song about a young girl who is tall and slender like her tan, dark haired, ‘salty’ mother. It is praising the girl by telling her, “Blessed is the tree this branch has come from. She is like the rose of Alexandria, colorful by night, white by day.”

Esta es una canción de España, celebrando una chica joven y su madre, quien es morena y salada. 

4. Cafe Con Lecha   Listen

My husband, Pat Krohn, lived in Mexico off and on as a child. He taught me this children’s song he learned and he joins me in singing it. He changed the original song Arroz con Leche (rice and milk) to coffee and milk to go with our morning coffee.

Mi esposo, Patricio Krohn, vivió en Mexico cuando era niño. Él me enseñó esta canción de niños y también canta conmigo. Ha cambiado las palabras originales “Arroz con Leche” a “Café con Leche.” Pat y yo cantamos esta canción cuando tenemos nuestro café en la manana.

5. Esta Noche Serena  Listen

I love this Venezuelan song from the 1700’s for its gentle and mystical sense of awe. To me it is very spiritual. “This serene night without the light of the moon, you sing and remove my pains one by one. Because of You my veils are removed, because of you I die (to this world). This is an analogy for meditation.

Me gusta esta canción por su suave y mística sensación de admiración.  Para mí es muy espiritual y una analogía para la meditación.

6. Que Feliz Felicidad Listen

by Elman Jose Enriquez C. (Mexico,1960’s)

When I was 19, I spent a semester in San Miguel de Allende studying art. I learned this song from a man who frequented a local nightclub where people would pass around guitars and sing. An American had said, “All the Mexican songs are sad!” In response to that, he wrote Que Feliz Felicidad. “What happiness it is to be with you, I am never sad when we are together. The past disappears. Well, you know that I love sweetly and tenderly. It makes me sing for you only.” (Arrangement, guitar, bass and percussion, Darren Skanson; Pat Krohn, percussion)

Aprendi esta canción cuando pase un semestre (estudiando arte ) en San Miguel de Allende, Mexico.  Yo solía ir a un club nocturno donde pasaban a cantar y tocar guitarras. Un hombre que tocaba alli, escribio esta canción despues que un Americano dijo que todas las canciones Mexicanas eran tristes. Entonces escribio “Que Feliz Felicidad,” (Arreglo, guitarra, guitarra baja y percusson, por Darren Skanson; Pat Krohn, bongos)


  1. I love your new CD! I was swept away on a wave of pure Song. Took me back to the old days. Love the way you resurrected the old Rex Harrison animal song When I Look in your Eyes and turned it into something profound. Grooved on St. Louis Blues. The mournful clarinet was tremendous. You are really super talented in the arts. Sharing the album with my friend Sandy here in the desert.



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